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5. University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine

Brief Description:

These scholarships are only for Black/African-American applicants who have been matriculated into the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. The average amount is $7,000.00.

You must have received your undergraduate degree or completed acceptable prerequisites for admission within the last three years.


Scholarship General Requirements:

1. Black/African American

We consider a person to be a Black/African-American if they are a member of the Black/African-American race. Applicants with mixed racial and ethnic backgrounds must demonstrate their racial identity to be predominantly Black/African-American. The Trustees will make a determination as to the qualification in those cases that are uncertain. Information as to philosophy, commitment to the Black/African-American race and self-identity may also be considered in such areas.

Required Attachments:

In order to complete your application you will need to attach the following in your application:
  • A copy of the first two pages of your parent’s most current completed federal tax return (IRS form 1040). If you are considered to be independent, you will need to submit only your tax forms.
  • First 5 pages of your FASFA and your full Student Aid Report.
  • A recent small photograph.
  • A copy of your undergraduate grade transcript and your current transcript if attending CU Dental School.
The above criteria are conditions that must be met in addition to the specific requirements of the scholarship you are applying for.

Students who are identified as finalists for a scholarship will be notified in early May of a final approval of an award.

Please note: Completed applications, with all materials, must be received by the Sachs Foundation between January 1st and March 15th of each year. Those who are submitting a recommendation for you, have a deadline of April 15th. Applications submitted outside this timeframe will not be considered. Any incomplete or incorrect statement will directly impact any consideration of your grant application. See below for the specific requirements of each scholarship.

Contact Information:

For questions about this application, please contact Sachs Applications at